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T5 Retrofit TLED Tube light

LED Trail T5 Retrofit TLED tube lights are perfect for T5/T6 retrofit applications. These UL listed, highly efficient LED lamps are arguably the best value in the marketplace today. With LED Trail T5 LED tube lights, the switch from fluorescent lamps to LED is easy, quick, and cost effective. Note: Requires removal of existing ballast and rewiring of the socket in existing fluorescent fixtures.

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Product Family Technical Specifications

Product No. Watt Size/Desc. CCT IP Luminous Output Power Factor Voltage
1250-15W 15




4000K | 5000K






1250-22W 22  2600


  • Retrofit replacement of existing T5 fluorescent tubes
  • Works at line voltage - no ballast to fail
  • Save time and money on maintenance
  • Energy saving and long life
  • Low heat discharge
  • No mercury or toxic elements


  • T5 fluorescent lighting
  • Mercury free environment
  • Heat sensitive applications
  • UV sensitive applications
  • Uniform lighting
  • Directional lighting

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