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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Which High Bay fixture is right for you?

Which High Bay fixture is right for you?

Linear high bay Vs. UFO high bay types


Many commercial and industrial properties utilize high bay lighting, which are high powered light fixtures typically mounted above 20 feet in warehouse, manufacturing, large retail and gymnasium applications, to name a few.   

But which type of high bay light is the right one for your application? 

There are two popular design styles that we'll compare: Linear type high bay and Crater UFO (round) high bay. These two fixture types cover the vast majority of all high bay light applications.   

To help illuminate the reasons you might choose one over the other for your project, we cover four main characteristics of these lights in our comparison. 

  • Light distribution 
  • Installation/Mounting method
  • Fixture features such as power range, IP rating and control capabilities
  • Popular Applications 

Light distribution:

Crater UFO LED High Bay - Given the round construction, the light distribution of a UFO high bay lends itself to open areas, or areas where shelving is low. Specific examples are gymnasiums, vehicle bays, or medium to large retail grocery with high ceilings and shelf heights that are within reach of customer at ground level.

Linear LED High Bay - The longer, narrower construction lends the proper light distribution for applications where the light needs to be directed more specifically, such as warehouses with high shelving or light manufacturing facilities with a mixture of storage and active work spaces.

Mounting method:

Crater UFO LED High Bay - Can be mounted by hook, M20 pole, or "yoke mount" bracket. Easier for one person to install because of smaller size and weight. Not recommended for most hanging applications, as even a slight wind can make the fixture swing and cause inconsistency of light at ground level. Even a subtle swing can have a large effect.



Linear LED High Bay - Can use hook, hanging, or M20 pole mounts and unlike the UFO, a linear fixture is more suited to utilizing a hanging cable or chain mount of varied length to customize the light level in areas with different needs, shelving heights, etc. 




Fixture features:

Crater UFO LED High Bay - Lightweight and compact, Wet rated IP65, Hook and Pole mount standard, bracket mount available, 0-10V dimming standard.

Linear LED High Bay - Sleek modern design, removable frosted lens, chain and pendant mount included, 0-10V dimming standard.

Popular Applications: 

Crater UFO LED High Bay – Use indoor or outdoor. Can be used in covered or open spaces, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, as well as outdoor applications. 

Linear LED High Bay – Use indoor only. Can be used in covered spaces such as retail, gymnasiums and warehouses with high shelves. Do not use in manufacturing areas with high levels of particles or moisture.



Crater UFO High Bay                 Linear LED High Bay







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