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Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Sam Manafi

Let's keep all options on the table

There has been suggestions from some industry insiders to shift the focus from retrofitting fixtures with LED lamps to using LED fixtures and luminaires instead. While the idea is valid and makes sense for long term planning, it is clearly not the right option for all projects. Here is why:

Utilities are tasked to lower their load, and are looking for LEDs to play a bigger role in their rebate efforts. Retrofit projects substantially lower current energy use. LEDs have never been as efficient and as cost effective, and buyers are taking notice. LED lighting retrofits using LED bulbs provides solid paybacks. There is a momentum gathering for the LED lighting that should not be interrupted. Otherwise the industry will end up where solar industry has gone. The option of what direction is right for the customer is project dependent. In many cases a simple replacement of lamps is more than sufficient. Creating doubt about one method versus the other is counter-productive. It signals the market that they should wait while the industry insiders debate what methodology is right. This causes unnecessary delay that is damaging to the entire industry. Government and third party organizations should not choose the winners in this debate … they should set the standards and allow the markets to function without taking sides. Some of these assertions may be self serving - let's consider the source. With a transformative technology there is a need for solutions that bridge the old infrastructure to the new technology. Within the lighting industry in some cases (not always) that bridging solution is retrofitting the existing fixtures with LED lights. The task of lowering energy usage is too great to take any solid and viable options off the table. K. Sam Manafi - President LED Trail
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