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Friday, May 27, 2022

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LED's Next Phase
Sam Manafi
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LED's Next Phase

 As we move to the next phase of LED lighting technology for Commercial and Industrial applications, the focus is shifting from gaining efficiency in lighting to using sensors for light management to aggregate data and improve productivity. Controls and sensors will be used as tools of data collection and aggregation. The collected data will feed data analysis tools that can help other building systems to optimize space utilization, and employee satisfaction and productivity. The lighting infrastructure is increasingly used to deploy sensors to collect data at a low cost. LED lighting can be integrated into so many aspects of facility management that it will continue to provide strong growth for many years into the future. As LED technology adoption accelerates and goes through varying development phases a big question looms. At what point will LED lighting industry seize to rely on government incentives and be regarded as a way for not only saving energy but also a reliable tool to improve productivity? That day is approaching rapidly. From Crater LED High Bay lights used in warehouses and retail to GoldBeach LED panel lights and RoseCity Corn bulbs used in commercial offices and Astoria LED Pole Lights used in car dealerships, LED Trail is prepared to embrace the new phase in LED lighting development.
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