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Saturday, September 19, 2020

LED Trail is a US based led lighting manufacturer that supplies clients with high-quality LED lighting solutions; our led lighting blog is the place for insights regarding the latest led lighting technology, expert lighting advice, and some of the hottest led technology trends.

LED Lighting Wins But What About Quality?

LED Lighting Wins But What About Quality?

The LED lighting market is growing rapidly and changing at a fierce pace. LEDs have become the clear choice for investments in upgrading traditional and inefficient lights and for installing new lighting. As with any product, quality varies greatly, and as demand for LEDs grows, customers will need to be increasingly more savvy in order to source the best value in LED lights.

As an American LED lighting manufacturer, we recognize the importance of consistently producing a high-quality, high-performing LED product. What can you expect from LED Trail LEDs? High performing products that have excellent longevity and very high efficacy. How can we promise this? Our dynamic approach in design, development and manufacturing removes the obstacles faced by global corporations that have legacy systems and processes that slow them down and increase their overall product manufacturing costs; whereas LED Trail has a hands-on and nimble approach in LED design evaluation and integration of innovative technologies. We are quick in integrating the latest technologies so whether it is a question of advanced heat sink design, efficient LED chips, or effective power supplies (drivers), we keep moving towards the best combination of components that improves product quality and lowers overall costs.

As the need for energy increases across the globe, lowering the energy usage via lighting fixtures and bulbs becomes more critical. LED Trail was founded on the idea of increasing lighting efficiency to lower energy usage and cost resulting in a more sustainable economic growth and development. We are highly committed to the development of products that are higher in efficiency and lower in cost.


LED Trail LEDs are among the highest quality and best value LEDs on the market. Call us to discuss which LEDs are right for your projects, browse our website for product details, or send us an email:

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