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Sunday, January 16, 2022

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Sam Manafi

Lake Oswego: Saving Energy and Money by Switching to LED Trail's SunRiver Canopy Lights

Lake Oswego, Oregon is 7 miles south of Portland, Oregon. Lake Oswego is known for the quality of its schools, full-service police and other community services, and love of the arts. One of the major attractions of this Portland suburb is the 405-acre artificial lake whose banks it sits on. Waterfront properties are highly sought, and many residents take advantage of the lake, either by boating on the weekends or hanging out at one of the parks on its shores. Lake Oswego has been named as one of the top 100 best places to live by CNN Money.

The parking lot garage at Lake Oswego City Hall is used by city employees as well as the police department and is open 24/7. Lighting levels were low and there were dark shadows around the corners. The facilities staff’s goal was to increase visibility with improved lighting levels while enhancing efficiency and potentially saving the city money.

Install high efficiency lights that provided ample lighting to better illuminate the parking area. LED Trail’s 120W SunRiver Canopy Lights were installed to replace 400W HID Lights at the parking garage. These lights provided ample lighting and substantially improved visibility while lowering energy usage by 43%. The SunRiver LED Canopy Lights offer significant energy savings, superior performance, reduced maintenance and unsurpassed durability in a fixture that is designed to look aesthetically similar to traditional canopy lighting fixtures. SunRiver LED Canopy Lights are installed in warehouses, gas stations and parking garages.

After installation of the new lights, Casey Barkmeier, from Facilities at the City of Lake Oswego, stated that he has received many compliments on the lights and is very happy with the results.

Existing electricity usage based on old HID and HPS lights: 43,800 KWH
Astoria DX replacement LED streetlight electricity usage: 13,140KWH
Annual Energy savings: 30660 KWH

By switching to LED Trail’s SunRiver Canopy Lights, The City of Lake Oswego will save approximately $4,000 annually in energy savings, bulbs replacements and labor costs. For more information about our SunRiver Canopy Lights:        
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