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Friday, May 27, 2022

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IS LED lighting pretty bad?
Sam Manafi
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IS LED lighting pretty bad?

Thinking of getting LED lights for your business or organization? Below, I’ve described why LED lights are pretty bad. Yes, they are all popular, affordable and have excellent performance. In fact, my company is the manufacturer / distributor of many of these lights. Just check their performance and specifications and you’d think they’d be great to replace your old and outdated lights.  But are LED lights good or pretty bad?

Read below and judge for yourself.

Willamette LED retrofit tube: is one of the most well known lights to replace fluorescent T8 tubes. This LED light has been in the market for over 4 years and LED Trail remains committed to its future.  Like the products listed below, Willamette retrofit tube is a great fit for many applications for office buildings, warehouses and residential applications. The product is available through dealers and pricing can range from $12 to $24 for the typical customer.

GoldBeach LED Panel light: This light is a part of an innovative indoor lighting design with super bright SMDs as its light source. The unique design of the GoldBeach LED panel light allows for an even illumination and soft lighting form. These lights have an attractive external appearance as well as very low power consumption. GoldBeach panel lights can be ordered with dimming and battery backup. Prices depend on size, functions and features and can vary from $35 to $295. LED Trail is considered a pioneer in the design and development of LED panel lights.

SunRiver LED wall packs: These excellent lights are an easy choice when looking to reduce energy costs, and improve the visibility around buildings. These LED fixtures offer cast aluminum housing for great durability and high quality LEDs for years of maintenance free operation. These LED lights are offered in various sizes and color temperatures to cover most commercial and industrial applications. Prices range from $99 to $399 depending on type and size. SunRiver wall packs are built to last and provide a great combination of traditional and modern look and features.

Astoria DX LED Pole Lights: A fantastic alternative to environmentally harmful and inefficient High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps, Astoria DX LED Pole Lights have been optimized to deliver outstanding efficiency and high application performance. Astoria DX provides great light coverage and very attractive return on customer investment. Astoria DX is highly popular for use at car dealerships, parking lots, main roadways, parks and university campuses. Prices vary from $195 to $750.

LED Trail's LED Retrofit Kit is a relative newcomer to the LED marketplace and has quickly established a niche in the market with high performance and low cost. The kits can be easily field installed using simple hand tools with minimum modification to the existing housing. LED Trail Retrofit Kits use high quality components and offer similar results to a complete LED fixture replacement with much lower costs. These kits retrofit almost any light for outdoor applications.

Each and every one of these lights are exceptional in their own way and every day more customers buy them. However, they are all also pretty bad. You ask why? See my reasons below:

1) They are pretty bad when they are not implemented the right way. Customers must consider their application and choose the right type of LEDs when buying.

2) They are pretty bad when customers focus too much on price. Yes, price is important, but it is not everything! Buy smart, not cheap.

3) They are pretty bad when customers don’t inform and educate employees about the benefits of the new LED lights or cut corners on training. This is especially important when dealing with employees or clients who don't like change.

4) They are pretty bad when companies don’t assign strong project managers or try to do more than they can manage at one time.

5) These lights are pretty bad when managers don’t insist on receiving the saving reports they should be getting and don’t commit to continuous switching of old lights at all branches. The savings reports data usually helps justify the investments.

6) They are pretty bad when management fails to inform their customers and other stakeholders about this great initiative (switching to LED lights) to improve the company's bottom line, lower energy usage and deliver on environmental commitments.

So, the question is what is pretty bad? LED lights or the way you manage the process before and after you switched to LEDs.

Sam Manafi, President
LED Trail

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