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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Sam Manafi

How to use LED Lighting and Recycling creatively?

This masterpiece has been designed by Daydreamers Design in Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Wonderland 2013.


The Synthetic Moon consists of a steel dome structure based on the geodesic dome design with triangular modules. The visitors can experience the whole journey by the pathway which will run through the pavilion. The journey begins from the edge of the reflective pool; it leads to the entrance of the Rising Moon. It has 20 meters in diameter by 10 meters in height spherical interior space, and also an opening on the roof to let the moon shines into the pavilion at night.

The outer dome surface of the moon will be wrapped around with water bottles, in which they are transparent with variation of colors also creating an interesting texture. Each water bottle will be connected with a Light Emitting Diode (LED) device and each LED is controlled by computer to generate different lighting effects on the moon surface. LED are low energy consumption and reusable. One of the highlight of the lighting effects will be the performance of the Moon Phases, from the New Moon to Full Moon.

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