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Friday, March 31, 2023

LED Trail is a US based led lighting manufacturer that supplies clients with high-quality LED lighting solutions; our led lighting blog is the place for insights regarding the latest led lighting technology, expert lighting advice, and some of the hottest led technology trends.

LED Trail Client Testimonial - Cash for Cars

Sam Manafi 0 2206 Article rating: No rating Cash for Cars, San Jose had three main goals when they set out to retrofit their dealership: 1. Energy Savings 2. More Lighting 3. Quality Product Not only did LED Trail meet these goals, we also earned an enthusiastic thumbs-up and great recommendation as our products greatly exceeded our customer's expectations. "When we began looking at LED lighting we had three specific goals. First lowering our electricity bills, second more light where we needed ...

Join our group and discussions on LinkedIn.

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As LED and lighting professionals, we are always looking forward to connecting and communicating with other lighting professional. LinkedIn is a great place to discuss industry news and other topics. We would like invite everyone including lighting professionals to anyone who wants to learn more about LED lighting to click here to join our LinkedIn group and discussions.  As a group one of our main goals is to connect with the lighting industry professionals and other energy ...

Should I upgrade to LEDs now or wait for it to get cheaper?

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Should I upgrade to LEDs now or wait for it to get cheaper? An example of a retrofit breakdown and cost-of-delay analysis. According to many lighting experts, LED lighting is going to overtake the industry within a very short period of time. However, customers question the wisdom of switching to LEDs now versus waiting for the price to get even lower. Read on to see why making the switch now is a smarter choice than waiting. Let's look at one particular LED lighting retrofit project that ...

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