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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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5 Hidden Benefits of Using LED Lights

5 Hidden Benefits of Using LED Lights

1.     LEDs promote a more balanced circadian rhythm. Since the light quality of LED lights is closer to natural daylight than traditional bulbs, the body responds to LEDs like it does to sunlight: energetic and awake during the day. In turn, your body is able to be calm and restful at night in the absence of sunlight/LED light. According to studies conducted by the Lighting Research Institute {}, LEDs can have a positive impact on wakefulness and sleep patterns; thereby, switching to LEDs in the office means employees are more productive during work hours and sleep better at night.


2.               LEDs contribute to safer work environments. It may sound obvious that proper lighting equals safer working conditions but take note next time you walk into your doctor’s office. Is it bright and illuminated or does it have dark corners and shadows? You’ll probably be surprised to notice that not all work spaces are properly lit. LED Lights like the GoldBeach LED Panel Lights we retrofitted for a dentist’s office made a huge impact on visibility and staff performance (and visibility and staff performance when it comes to dental work is imperative, isn’t it?). Furthermore, errors and safety issues are decreased when workstations are well-lit. Consider a machine shop where tools are not only used for intricate work but are also costly. Proper usage and handling thanks to proper illumination benefits all involved.


3.               LED light decreases headaches and migraines. Since LED light output is consistent and has an aesthetically pleasing brightness, LED bulbs are far superior to traditional lights that tend to flicker and be too bright. Numerous health related websites advocate for LEDs as an alternative to fluorescent and CFL Bulbs to avoid the flicker that often causes or “triggers” headaches or migraines- one such site is Headache and Migraine News. Read the article that supports the idea that it’s in headache and migraine sufferers best interest to switch to LEDs: {}


4.               LEDs decrease anxiety. Similar to the reason why LEDs are better for your circadian rhythm, they also decrease anxiety. It’s no secret that being outside reduces stress but since most of us are not able to spend most of the day in the great outdoors, our indoor environment is very important. Traditional bulbs are all wrong for humans as far as light quality and color temperature. The wrong bulbs can actually induce stress so, according to many health and design experts, including Rebecca Hadley, manager of Eaton’s SOURCE lighting education center at THE LIGHTING reSOURCE {}, switching to LED bulbs actually has a positive impact on anxiety


5.               LEDs and learning performance are closely related. We know that lighting has either a positive or negative impact on mood so naturally there’s a close relation to lighting and learning environments. Studies such as the one titled “Investigating the Impact of Lighting Educational Spaces on Learning and Academic Achievement of Elementary Students” conducted by the International Journal of Pediatrics {}, have shown that with proper lighting, like the lighting provided by LED lights, students perform at a higher academic level.


Visit the LED Trail Case Studies page {} to read about both the health benefits and energy effeciency that our LEDs bring to our clients.
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